Runner Returns To Track After Losing Leg

Patrick Ahearn, High School Track Star, Runs First Race After Losing Leg

After losing part of his leg in a boating accident in August, the high school senior, Patrick Ahearn’s career as a track star was put on hold. Not even the amputation could keep the determined teenager permanently off the track. He previously held the title of Norman High School cross-country captain.

“The Oklahoma teen on Friday completed his first race since his injury. Running on a prosthetic leg, Ahearn sprinted across the finish line to a standing ovation from audience members rallied on the sidelines.” Ahearn reported to local newspaper The Norman Transcript, “Whenever I came around that corner I saw everyone right there on the track and everybody in the stands was on their feet. That was pretty cool”.

Patrick lost his left foot and part of his leg. He suffered a serious head injury and had to undergo five months of rehabilitation. Ahearn was told that even if he could be fitted in time with a special prosthetic leg for running, it wouldn’t be ready for wear until weeks later. Two weeks before the race, Patrick was fitted with a prosthetic and was able to take it home free of charge. “While his subsequent track meet performance did not match his previous records, Ahearn did run his best time since his injury, finishing the 400-meter race in 1 minute, 32 seconds.” This story just goes to show that no matter what anyone tells you or the circumstance may look, you never give up, and you keep pushing forward.


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