N.J. Bans Minors From Tanning Beds

Under a new law signed by Governor Chris Christie, “Minors under 17 will be prohibited from using commercial tanning beds in New Jersey and those under 14 will be banned from spray-tanning procedures in tanning facilities”. Chris Christie noted that New Jersey already banned those under 14 from using tanning facilities. He said, Tthe new restrictions imposed by this bill followed a single, but breathlessly reported, incident of a parent bringing a minor child into a tanning facility.” A New Jersey grand jury declined to indict a woman accused of child endangerment for allegedly allowing her five-year-old daughter to use a tanning bed, resulting in leg burns back in February.

Too much tanning could mean problems. Tanning is really risky to do given all the skin cancer today. I think the age should be 18 in every state. However, the parents should be smart enough to deter their teens from getting nude in the tanning beds or from over doing the time they spend in them. I believe no child under 16 should even feel the need to go into a tanning salon, but those above the age of 16 to 18 should be allowed to tan with a parent’s consent. Any person who chooses to tan should consult the employers whom work there in order for them to decide whether or not it will be okay and for them to know just how long one should stay in.



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