Man Makes Shocking Dicovery About His Pet Poodle

Ferrets Sold As Toy Poodles: Argentina Pet Dealers Reportedly Selling Weasels On Steroids

“A local news report out of Buenos Aires caught the attention of the Daily Mail and other sites this week; after a man took the “toy poodles” he bought at the La Salada market to a veterinarian, only to find that it was actually a giant weasel.” Argentinian bazaar salesmen are passing off ferrets on steroids as toy poodles, and people actually believe them. “Selling what Argentinians call a “Brazilian rat” — a ferret given steroids at birth to increase its size and then groomed”. Yahoo! News reports the victim paid $150 per poodle. While another woman told the Buenos Aires station that she too was tricked, but into buying what she thought was a Chihuahua, but in fact was also a ferret.  

This is just another article that shows how ignorant people are in today’s society. I am also concerned how something so foolish could make world news. Ferrets look nothing like dogs. Not to mention ferrets have a strong distinctive body smell. If you cannot tell the difference among the two types of animals then clearly you should not even be buying one. The salesman was clearly selling them to blind people. It just looks like a lot more people need to invest in glasses and common sense.


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