5-Year-Old’s Haircut Gets Him Banned From Class

Ethan Clos, 5-Year-Old Boy, Banned From Ohio School Because Of Mohawk Haircut

WHIO reports that Ethan Clos, five, of Springfield Ohio, was banned from his kindergarten class last week due to his Mohawk.  Reid Elementary School officials said his hair was too distracting. Clos’ mom, Keshia Castle states, “They saw his hair like it was. All the little kids were going over and feeling on it.” This is a normal reaction for any child of that age.

Ethan’s grandmother said the haircut is similar to the other styles that are acceptable by the school. The only difference is that he is bald on the sides of his head. After
spending two days away from the school, Ethan would be able to be back in class, with a shaved head.  

Every school has a dress code. It is up to the parents to know what they are. With that being said, I however see nothing wrong with the child’s haircut. They are little boys. Most of them have some sort of hairstyle like that at that age. Not to mention, all young kids are going to get distracted easily whether it may be from a hairstyle, to shoes, to clothes, or to something as simple as a sticker. To suspend a little boy over something so simple is seriously foolish. I am so happy to hear that all the problems with our education system have been resolved to the point where teachers have plenty of time on their hands to obsess over something as benign as a little kid’s haircut.



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