North Korea’s Parliament Meets Amid Nuclear Tension

“SEOUL, South Korea and North Korea on Monday shifted, at least temporarily, away from weeks of warlike rhetoric, appointing a new premier seen as an economic reformer after a high-level declaration that nuclear bomb building and a stronger economy are the nation’s top priorities.” Meanwhile, the U.S. sent F-22 stealth fighter jets over in preparation for an invasion. Pyongyang reacted with anger towards the U.S. South Korean military drills and to the new round of U.N. U.S. sanctions that followed the underground nuclear tests. Which was the country’s third. “A full-scale North Korean attack as unlikely and say the threats are more likely efforts to provoke softer policies toward Pyongyang from a new government in Seoul, to win diplomatic talks with Washington and to solidify the young North Korean leader’s military credentials at home.”

I don’t believe nuclear weapons should be “the nation’s life” just because there are U.S. military presence in South Korea. That should not give Pyongyang a reason to build missiles and atomic bombs. Trying to combine North Korea and South Korea as one whole nation is not going to work since one is primarily full of communists and the other strictly a democracy. There is going to be tension and will cause the U.S. military to step in and help their allies.


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