Breathe In, Breath Out

Many people find that focusing deeply on breathing patterns relaxes them and helps them relieve stress. “Yoga has its origins in India, with the goal of achieving a spiritual connection with a higher power. In the United States, yoga classes often have fitness components.”

Everyone has busy and stressful days. Many people find that with the help of meditations it can help reduce stress, as well as have physical benefits.“Meditation is training in concentration, mindfulness and compassion, says Sharon Salzberg, a meditation teacher and author who co-founded the prominent Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. It is not merely relaxing, but rather training the mind in specific skills”.

Meditation and yoga are great ways to help improve concentration and physical strength. Meditation is really a healing practice and can play an integral role in healthcare on a very basic level. For me, it’s shown me that reality is not a concept, that what we are is boundless and that real clarity, wellbeing and peace comes from facing things as they are, not as we often want, imagine or think they are. It is very useful to meditate when you think a lot and can’t sleep. Meditating in an open area with slight breeze in the air and with a feeling of nature around can make one feel reborn. Just like relaxation, it can bring good health.


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