The Power of Symbols: Marriage Equality

“It’s the latest symbol of marriage equality, one launched  by the Human Rights Campaign, “the nation’s largest advocacy group for the  gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities.” Many people have been seeing it appear up on Facebook. It is a red block with two pink horizontal lines. “This icon is intended to raise awareness Right Now. It’s not intended to be the  long-term symbol for the movement.”

The red quality symbol is to support gay marriage and has been gaining traction all over Facebook. Thousands of Facebook users have been changing their profile pictures to  show support for gay marriage.

The symbol is a great way for many to show their support for their loved ones and many who deserve the right to marry the people that they love. They should be treated with the same respect and equality as any heterosexual couples. More importantly than the issue of marriage equality should be that if the citizens who exercised their right to vote should be allowed to express their love, even that means same-sex marriage. I see no reason to deny anyone the right to marry another human adult. Some people will say “traditional marriage”, but the last time I checked “traditional marriage” made the wife property of the man and marriage hasn’t been viewed that way by the majority in a long time. Then you hear “but it’s against God’s will!” Sorry, but not everyone is Christian or has the same religious views. It’s not like people are asking to get married in a church. Most just want to be able to be legally recognized as a couple and to receive the benefits that come with that. Religion, or spirituality, should be kept out of Government laws.


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