Same-Sex Marriage

“Married same-sex couple awaits epic high court appeal.”

Karane and Jamelle Thomas-Williams have to fight for the recognition of the federal government for their legal same-sex union, which is part of a constitutional appeal over same-sex marriage and their “equal protection”.  “Karane serves her community as a Metropolitan Police officer. Jamelle serves her country in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. But since she is a federal worker, the couple cannot share the 1,000-plus federal perks enjoyed by married heterosexuals: things like joint tax returns, loan programs for veterans, and survivor, pension, bankruptcy, family medical leave and health insurance benefits.” Jamelle told CNN that she had to list Karane as her sister so someone would call her if she were to be killed or injured, but Karane will not get any death benefits although they are married. Karane said once they stepped out of D.C. their marriage is not recognized and they are viewed as “legal strangers”.

“I should be able to walk with my wife hand in hand and live our life. We shouldn’t have to sit here on the edge of our seats, waiting for a decision,” said Karane.

I agree with Karane. Marriage should be about quality. People should be allowed to marry whom ever they want. A same-sex couple getting married and having children will not change anything. There is nothing that proves a child won’t grow up to be “normal”. Not being able to marry someone because they are the same gender is like saying you cannot marry because they aren’t the same race, or as far as they do not have the same hair color. Same-sex marriage should be allowed in all of the states.


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