‘Personal Branding’: Tattoos in the Workplace

“Depending on if they are visible or offensive in nature, tattoos have an impact on professionalism,” he says. Brenner explains that if you are a representative of a company, distracting tattoos can make that company seem less professional.”  “There are many in the corporate world who view tattoos as unprofessional, and depending on what types of tattoos you have on display it could be offensive.”

I personally have many tattoos and both of my ears pierced and my nose, twice. I am not ashamed and I do not regret getting them at all. Many people say that they are for troublemakers and for non-businessmen and women. Personally, I think this is a very biased and stereotypical way of looking at someone. For many people tattoos mean a great deal to them and are more of memorials than art. I feel that if a tattoo has a purpose and makes someone happy, then more power to them. As for the business standpoint, if the tattoos are not obscene and offensive then why should it matter? However, I do believe having tattoos anywhere on the face is highly distracting but hiring should be about the ability to do a good job, and not about appearance. Things have changed, this new generation of young men and women that are getting tattoos. It is no longer stereotyped as a sign of rebellion. It is a sign of art and self-expression. This does not mean that they are less professional than anyone else in the work place or morally wrong, it is just a personal preference that they have chosen to live with.



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