Gun Control Measures Don’t Stop Violence

“The Supreme Court has suggested that sensible gun regulations may be constitutionally permissible. Sensible is not, however, what we have in Washington, Chicago, New York and other cities, where you can probably get a pizza delivery before a response from a 911 call. Police cannot be everywhere.”

Each one of us needs to decide on our own how we will participate in shaping our country’s future. I have never owned a gun but I have touched and used one before. I do not believe that tightening gun regulations would really prevent violent crimes. However, by clinching down on a citizen’s ability to obtain certain firearms will make it considerably more difficult for psychopaths to obtain such weapons and therefore may put off some violent crimes. Laws do not stop thugs or criminals. A criminal is one who breaks laws. Stricter gun laws are not going to stop them. The only people who are affected by gun laws are those who choose to obey them, like upstanding citizens. Disarming them will certainly not stop violent criminals, and in fact might encourage them since they’re aware that the people they’re targeting are not armed. Furthermore, not all violent crimes committed are with firearms.


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