Bullied Teen: ‘I Had So Much Pain Inside Of Me’

A teen victim of bullying and her mom shared their personal experience with bullying. “Jamie Isaacs was only eight years old when she was first bullied. And today, Isaacs, now 16, is sharing her story so that other children and teens facing similar heartbreak know that they are not alone.”

Jamie said that the bullying started when she was in second grade by her best friend. The other girl became jealous of her and her family, and started recruiting other girls to gang up against her, according to Jamie. “In third grade, this girl told another friend of mine that if she didn’t hurt me, that she would be hurt instead.”  Jamie said that the girl threatened to hurt anyone who was friends with her so they all stopped talking to her. “The girl told me what the bully was doing and we told the teacher and the principal, but nothing was done to reprimand this girl.”

I’ll never understand the want or need for a student to pick on or bully someone random just trying to walk down the hallway or trying to get home on the bus. Popularity isn’t going to get you anywhere after high school. Trying to “fit in” doesn’t get you anywhere.



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