‘Law & Order: SVU’ Tackles The Chris Brown-Rihanna Story Of Abuse, Reconciliation

In the latest episode of  “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” the shows case was very similar to the Chris Brown and Rihanna story. It was made obious that they used equivalent parts from their story causing a disagreement among the viewers and musical fans. Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown for the brutal assault, but it doesn’t turn out the same way for the actors on the show. In the episode Brown and Rihanna were portayed as the characters Caleb and Micha only after the two reconciled, their story went down a darker trail. “In this fiction, Caleb finally went too far and killed Micha. “Shocked fans gathered in Manhattan tonight to mourn the death of rising talent, Micha Green, whose body was discovered a few hours ago in Bermuda,” a reporter said in the aftermath of hear death.”

Portraying real life events in such a show is wrong. I believe the show “Law & Order” hit too close to home for the couple. However, it is sad that Rihanna has taken back such a violent man, but it is her life and her choice to make ammends and remain a couple. The episode does remind the viewers and fans that it did happen and can. I believe they chose the Rihanna and Chris Brown mainly because they are still together and are looked up to by thousands and thousands of people.



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