Robert Bales Trial: Army Seeks To Bar Mental Health Defense In Afghanistan Murder Case

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, accussed of massacring Afghan civilians, is undering a sanity review before the mental health defense. The Army is seeking the death penalty for Bales. “Such reviews are conducted by neutral doctors tasked with discerning a defendant’s mental state at the time of the crime and whether he’s competent to stand trial. Bales was serving his fourth deployment, and his lawyers said he may have suffered from a traumatic brain injury. His mental health has been expected to be a key part of the case.” Many people who have served or are serving in the military undergo post dramatic symptoms which causes their mental state to be unstable. Bale could have been suffering from post dramatic symptoms or some sort of brain trama. “Bales’ attorneys have said a traumatic brain injury may have been sustained when he was knocked out by an improvised bomb explosion during one of his tours in Iraq.One of those attorneys, John Henry Browne, said Thursday that the defense has obtained medical records from Madigan Army Medical Center in Washington state indicating Bales had suffered from TBI and PTSD, but he described those records as incomplete.” The medical records show that Bales has undergone some trama and should be further tested for more traumatic brain injuries before being sentenced a death penalty. I do agree that by the Army seeking the dealth penalty is their own way of ignoring the fact that they sent Bales over there. They do not want to own up to their responsibilty. Being exposed to such wars and violence over the years can and will cause some trama. Although medications can help with pds, it can not prevent someone from reinacting past experiences.


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