Celebrity ‘Swatters’

Celebrities targeted by fake 911 calls recently would fill a Hollywood red carpet. “Swatting” pranks have sent police rushing with guns drawn to a growing A-list of celebrity homes in recent weeks’. A proposed law would increase penalties for making false emergency calls. Police are getting new tools for tracing ‘swatting’ calls, reports the sheriff’s spokesman. “We are getting better at knowing what is and what is not a hoax,” he says.

Officers must approach the scene with guns drawn; not knowing what is happening inside the house and expecting the worst. “It’s a very high-risk response,” Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said. “The problem with crying wolf is that sometimes it’s not false, so we always have to respond accordingly but cautiously.”The Kardashian household was targeted on January 18. “Just got a call from my mom telling me about this prank call that someone was shot in their home & 15 swat team & 3 helicopters showed up!” Kim Kardashian tweeted. “These prank calls are NOT funny! People can get arrested for this! I hope they find out who is behind this. Its dangerous & not a joke!”

The law should definitely increase their penalties. It is not funny to make such false emergency calls. Even though they are celebrities they are still people, with families who will worry and get frightened by such calls. Anyone caught making these fake 911 calls should be placed under arrest and should have to repay the police for all costs.



Runner Returns To Track After Losing Leg

Patrick Ahearn, High School Track Star, Runs First Race After Losing Leg

After losing part of his leg in a boating accident in August, the high school senior, Patrick Ahearn’s career as a track star was put on hold. Not even the amputation could keep the determined teenager permanently off the track. He previously held the title of Norman High School cross-country captain.

“The Oklahoma teen on Friday completed his first race since his injury. Running on a prosthetic leg, Ahearn sprinted across the finish line to a standing ovation from audience members rallied on the sidelines.” Ahearn reported to local newspaper The Norman Transcript, “Whenever I came around that corner I saw everyone right there on the track and everybody in the stands was on their feet. That was pretty cool”.

Patrick lost his left foot and part of his leg. He suffered a serious head injury and had to undergo five months of rehabilitation. Ahearn was told that even if he could be fitted in time with a special prosthetic leg for running, it wouldn’t be ready for wear until weeks later. Two weeks before the race, Patrick was fitted with a prosthetic and was able to take it home free of charge. “While his subsequent track meet performance did not match his previous records, Ahearn did run his best time since his injury, finishing the 400-meter race in 1 minute, 32 seconds.” This story just goes to show that no matter what anyone tells you or the circumstance may look, you never give up, and you keep pushing forward.


5-Year-Old’s Haircut Gets Him Banned From Class

Ethan Clos, 5-Year-Old Boy, Banned From Ohio School Because Of Mohawk Haircut

WHIO reports that Ethan Clos, five, of Springfield Ohio, was banned from his kindergarten class last week due to his Mohawk.  Reid Elementary School officials said his hair was too distracting. Clos’ mom, Keshia Castle states, “They saw his hair like it was. All the little kids were going over and feeling on it.” This is a normal reaction for any child of that age.

Ethan’s grandmother said the haircut is similar to the other styles that are acceptable by the school. The only difference is that he is bald on the sides of his head. After
spending two days away from the school, Ethan would be able to be back in class, with a shaved head.  

Every school has a dress code. It is up to the parents to know what they are. With that being said, I however see nothing wrong with the child’s haircut. They are little boys. Most of them have some sort of hairstyle like that at that age. Not to mention, all young kids are going to get distracted easily whether it may be from a hairstyle, to shoes, to clothes, or to something as simple as a sticker. To suspend a little boy over something so simple is seriously foolish. I am so happy to hear that all the problems with our education system have been resolved to the point where teachers have plenty of time on their hands to obsess over something as benign as a little kid’s haircut.


Man Makes Shocking Dicovery About His Pet Poodle

Ferrets Sold As Toy Poodles: Argentina Pet Dealers Reportedly Selling Weasels On Steroids

“A local news report out of Buenos Aires caught the attention of the Daily Mail and other sites this week; after a man took the “toy poodles” he bought at the La Salada market to a veterinarian, only to find that it was actually a giant weasel.” Argentinian bazaar salesmen are passing off ferrets on steroids as toy poodles, and people actually believe them. “Selling what Argentinians call a “Brazilian rat” — a ferret given steroids at birth to increase its size and then groomed”. Yahoo! News reports the victim paid $150 per poodle. While another woman told the Buenos Aires station that she too was tricked, but into buying what she thought was a Chihuahua, but in fact was also a ferret.  

This is just another article that shows how ignorant people are in today’s society. I am also concerned how something so foolish could make world news. Ferrets look nothing like dogs. Not to mention ferrets have a strong distinctive body smell. If you cannot tell the difference among the two types of animals then clearly you should not even be buying one. The salesman was clearly selling them to blind people. It just looks like a lot more people need to invest in glasses and common sense.


Suffering From ‘Tattoo Regret’

“According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of people undergoing laser tattoo removal increased 43% from 2011 to 2012. This is consistent with a recent survey from the United Kingdom which found that nearly one-third of people suffer from tattoo regret”. Many plastic surgeons and dermatologists are seeing more and more people who want their tattoos removed. Often the person is worried that the tattoos could cause problems with their employment.

Designson the lower back were the new tattoo rage, until people began calling them “tramp stamps.”  Along with other tattoo fads such as the barbed wire and Chinese letter, which may, or may not mean what you think they do, have left many people with regret for getting them. Even many celebrities have gotten their tattoos removed.

It should not really matter what your reasons are for getting a tattoo in the first place. What matters is that someone actually thought it through and was mature enough at the time to make that kind of a decision. Any person should know what tattoos will and will not affect their future. For instance, like face tattoos. Personally, I admire the unapologetic people more. If someone wants a tattoo, they do not have to invent reasons, they just get one.


N.J. Bans Minors From Tanning Beds

Under a new law signed by Governor Chris Christie, “Minors under 17 will be prohibited from using commercial tanning beds in New Jersey and those under 14 will be banned from spray-tanning procedures in tanning facilities”. Chris Christie noted that New Jersey already banned those under 14 from using tanning facilities. He said, Tthe new restrictions imposed by this bill followed a single, but breathlessly reported, incident of a parent bringing a minor child into a tanning facility.” A New Jersey grand jury declined to indict a woman accused of child endangerment for allegedly allowing her five-year-old daughter to use a tanning bed, resulting in leg burns back in February.

Too much tanning could mean problems. Tanning is really risky to do given all the skin cancer today. I think the age should be 18 in every state. However, the parents should be smart enough to deter their teens from getting nude in the tanning beds or from over doing the time they spend in them. I believe no child under 16 should even feel the need to go into a tanning salon, but those above the age of 16 to 18 should be allowed to tan with a parent’s consent. Any person who chooses to tan should consult the employers whom work there in order for them to decide whether or not it will be okay and for them to know just how long one should stay in.


Employers Adopt Stricter Health Care Policies In Face of Surging Cost

Employers are adopting new health care policies in the face of rising health care cost in order to keep workers healthy. “With health care costs rising in 2012 to $12,136 per employee on average, according to a recent study, companies argue that the new policies not only help cut costs, but also contribute to the overall well being of their workforces.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that workers at the tire manufacturing company Michelin could miss out on lowering their deductibles by up to $1,000 if they were to show unhealthy signs, such as high blood pressure or waists lines over 40 inches. To reduce rising health care cost companies like Walmart and Home Depot have created similiar policies, but this requires employess to share personal health information and is looked at as an invasion of privacy and being unfair. Michelin reports to The Huffington Post that The Wall Street Journa’s claim against the policy is not accurate. Michelin states that the company is not penalizing their workers for showing signs of obesity, but is instead rewarding workers who meet the three of five health standards, such as waist size, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Although the new health care policies may be unfair and an invasion of privacy, it may also promote workers to obtain a healthier lifestyle. I do believe that this could actually help the employees. Companies however should not penalize their employees because they are not healthy, but they should definitely award them if they achieve a healthy state. This way they both win because they lower the cost and the employees get to live a healthy life like everyone should. People just need a little push from someone to begin caring about themselves, and if companies award them for it, it might be just the push that they need.